Mold Testing In Columbia, SC and the Midlands

Are you concerned that you might have mold growing in you home? Well, you should be! With the high humidity that we have here in Columbia and the Midlands of South Carolina, mold spores can cause many health problems such as itching eyes, sneezing, coughing, sore throats, allergic reactions, and asthma attacks. Mold can also cause permanent damage to your lungs. Have your home tested for mold before these problems occur.

mold testing by home inspection columbia scMold naturally occurs in the outdoors. Mold helps Mother Nature break down organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead trees. But, mold on the indoors of your house needs to be avoided. Mold is a fungi that reproduces by developing tiny spores that can float around in the air…both outdoors and indoors. When these tiny spores find the right conditions to survive, these spores act like seeds and start forming new colonies or mold growths.

To survive, mold only needs four ingredients: moisture, air, a food source, and a surface on which to grow. The dust in your house provides the food source for mold to grow. Now, all that is needed for mold to grow inside your house is moisture. That moisture can come from a leaky roof, a leaky faucet or pipe, inadequate ventilation of kitchen appliances and bathrooms, standing water near your home, or poor drainage in crawlspace areas and basements. Mold can even grow in the duct-work of your heating and air conditioning system!

Mold Inspection for Your Protection…

Perhaps you have seen some dark spots on the walls or ceiling of your home, or perhaps the air inside your home smells a bit differently, mold testing by a properly trained professional is the best thing that you can do to protect you and your family. Samples are collected from your home and microscopically inspected to determine if the conditions inside your home are safe to live in.

The warm and humid climate that exists here in Columbia and the Midlands of South Carolina are a breeding ground for this unhealthy mold and fungi. If you’re suspicious that something is not right or if you just want to play it safe, we urge you to give us a call to discuss having a home mold test…

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Mold TestingĀ  for Your Protection

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