Home Energy Audits In Columbia, Lexington and All Of The Midlands

WARNING! Not all home energy audits are created equally.

The first thing that you, the homeowner, needs to analyze is what is the intention of the contractor that is going to do the home energy audit. If that home energy auditor is in any way connected to a window, door, insulation or any other type of home improvement business, their intentions are not likely to be non-biased. Their intentions are likely to show you enough so that they can sell you on some of their other products and/or services.

home energy audit home inspection columbia scThis is not true for the energy audits that we do here at S&J Home Inspections. We provide you a comprehensive energy audit so that you have a clear idea on what problems you might have (if any) and we are in no way connected to any home improvement company. Our energy audits are comprehensive and thorough. When completed, we furnish you a well-written report of our findings. We do all of this on any size house for $75.00 or less!

Be Cautious About Free Energy Audits

The homeowner needs to be also cautious about the free energy audits performed by local utilities and state mandated programs. While these are free, these are usually limited inspections and are not as complete of an inspection as we at S&J Home Inspections are prepared to give you.

Our energy auditor will inspect and cover the whole energy use picture in your home. We examine air leakage, insulation, air flow, fuel leakage, thermal leak detection, heating and air conditioning, lighting, water conservation, windows and doors, and appliances. Our inspections involve the use of special energy audit instruments such as the Thermal Leak Detector.

We inspect all areas of your house…from the outside of the house, to the inside, to the attic, and into the basement. A complete and thorough home energy audit.

So, if you live in Columbia, Lexington, or anywhere in the Midlands and you would like to learn how you can save on your energy bills and make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, give us a call here at S&J Home Inspections and talk to us about getting a home energy audit.

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Home Energy Audits

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